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Oklahoman Builds Flying Saucer! Dodgers Beat Giants, April 21, 1959

April 21, 2009 |  8:00 am

April 21, 1959, Flying Saucer

The Times failed to follow up on testing of what was evidently a home-made device.

Update: Talk about stereotyping! The caption says nothing about the gender of the flying saucer's inventor. I merely leaped to the conclusion that it was a man. I suppose it's possible a woman could have built this contraption. But I somehow doubt it. Do you suppose anyone's ever made a gender analysis of flying-saucer inventors? Sounds like a great subject for a dissertation.

April 21, 1959, Cover
Renowned ballet star Dame Margot Fonteyn is arrested on charges of being a revolutionary. Let me write that again, just to see if it makes any more sense a second time: Dame Margot Fonteyn, one of the leading dancers of the era, is accused of plotting to overthrow the Panamanian government. Wow.

President Eisenhower asks Soviet leader Khurshchev to agree to restrictions on testing nuclear weapons in space.

NASA, which says it expects to put astronauts on the moon in six or eight years, announces plans to launch mice into space. 

April 21, 1959, Margot Fonteyn

Above,  Fonteyn with her husband, Roberto Arias, who avoided arrest while she was taken into custody. She was released the next day.
April 21, 1959, Nixon

Above, Vice President Richard Nixon is accused of aiding efforts to kill a Democratic bill that would abolish the California presidential primary. The measure, by state Sen. James A. Cobey (D-Merced), would replace the presidential primary with a process in which state committees selected delegates to the parties' national conventions. Democratic Gov. Pat Brown also opposes the bill. (To vastly simply a complex subject, the California presidential primary has changed significantly to become what we know today. Recall that as late as 1968, Hubert Humphrey became the Democratic presidential candidate without entering the national primaries).  Notice that Nixon plans to rebuild the California GOP.

April 21, 1959, Theater

"Bandit of Zhobe?"
April 21, 1959, Comics

It's a tossup in the battle of "Nancy" vs. "Ferd'nand." Ever notice how Al Capp throws in curvy women who are completely extraneous to the story?

April 21, 1959, Sports
The Dodgers move into second place in the National League with a 2-1 win over the Giants as Don Drysdale pitches what he calls one of the best games of his career. Drysdale allows three hits and strikes out 11.

"I've seen him have as much stuff, but never such an all-round combination of control, savvy and all the trimmings," Walter Alston says.

"That's his best ever," Roy Campanella says. "In fact, pitching can't be much better than that."