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Mystery Boy Found in Echo Park, Famous Poet Serenades Goats, April 17, 1939

April 17, 2009 |  6:00 am

April 17, 1939, Nuestro Pueblo

The Times noted that Charles Owens had an art exhibit on the third floor of City Hall.

April 17, 1939, Robber

A 27-year-old man says he robbed the country club where he worked to provide a few essentials for his mother. He was sentenced to the six months on the road gang and probation.

April 17, 1939, Happiness

April 17, 1939, Theater
Marx Brothers are at work on "A Day at the Circus."

April 17, 1939, Comics
Dr. Wong, a normally "placid Oriental," becomes agitated when he sees the Man-Lion statue in "Tarzan."
April 17, 1939, Sports Joe Louis makes a surprise visit to the Main Street Gym.

April 17, 1939, Carl Sandburg