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Movie Star Mystery Photo


Los Angeles Times file photo

Just a reminder on how this works: I post the mystery photo on Monday and reveal the answer on Friday. To keep the mystery photo from getting lost in the other entries, I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., adding a photo every day.

I have to approve all comments, so if your guess is posted immediately, that means you're wrong. (And if a wrong guess has already been submitted by someone else, there's no point in submitting it again). If you're right, you will have to wait until Friday. There's no need to submit your guess five times. Once is enough. The only prize is bragging rights. 

Update: This is Sheila Ryan in a photo dated Dec. 29, 1941.

The answer to last week's photo: Sharon Lynn

Check back Monday for another mystery photo!

Los Angeles Times file photo

Here's another photo of our mystery woman and a mystery companion. Please congratulate Eve Golden's "co-worker Mel" for recognizing her first. Also congratulate Anne Papineau, Dewey Webb, Nick Santa Maria, Jeff Hanna, "bjth" Don Danard and Gerald McCann!

Update: Our mystery fellow is Tony De Marco in an August 1943 photo.

Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

Here's another clue! Please congratulate William Weathersby, Dave and Jeff for correctly identifying her. And hats off to Dewey Webb for identifying her mystery companion!

Sheila Ryan, 23, seeking a divorce from cowboy actor Allan Lane, Feb. 22, 1946.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Here's another photo of our mystery woman. Please congratulate Annie Frye and R. Ahuna for correctly identifying her. Check back tomorrow when we reveal the name of our mystery movie star!

Update: Sheila Ryan in a still from "Getting Gertie's Garter."

Los Angeles Times file photo

This is is Sheila Ryan, who was married to western star Pat Buttram. Isn't this a great photo? When I got it out of the archives I found The Times art department had butchered it down to a one-column mug shot. Here is it, stripped of all the white goop we used to put on pictures. 
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Comments (85)

a young barara hale

one of the flaming war pinups-joan bennett

I believe this beautiful lady to be SHEILA RYAN, actress and wife of Pat Buttram.

allyn ann McLerie

Norma Shearer!

Linda Darnell?

ginger rogers?

giner rogers ???

opps* ginger rogers??

Irene Dunne


maureen o sullivan

Deanna Durbin

Is it Ann Sheridan?

Bea Arthur!

That would be SHEILA RYAN

She was in Buck Privates with Abbott and Costello, and A Haunting We Will Go with Laurel and Hardy. Sheila was married for about twenty years, to Autry sidekick, Pat Buttram!

Marjorie Lord?

Looks like Grace Hartman.

Irene and Vernon Castle

looks a lot like the girl in the movie i am watching on tmccalled the invasion of the body snatchers. jean willes

Eleanor Powell

Ann Blyth

Well, this one is a toughie that’s for sure, but it’s Gertie Grolneck. Her career was short-lived -- her greatest role being the 6th girl from the top of Busby Berkeley’s giant spiral staircase production of A Pretty Girl Is Just Like a Melody. She refused to change her name out of fierce loyalty to “Daddy” and soon thereafter ended up living on the top floor of a 6th Floor walkup in Boyle Heights where she spent the remainder of her gin-soaked days. Oddly, those 6 flights of stairs were a constant reminder to her of her famous role…. Yeh, I’m sure. Gertie Grolneck.

Sheila Ryan.

Ann Baxter



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