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Minister, Wife Held on Morals Charge, April 19, 1939

April 19, 2009 |  8:00 am

April 19, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

April 19, 1939: Joseph Jeffers and his wife, Zella Joy, were accused of engaging  in an illegal act in the privacy of their own home that was so obscene The Times couldn't say what it was. Even their private discussions were obscene, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, which recorded them on a hidden dictograph.

March 22, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

Above, March 22, 1939: Jeffers is charged. At right, April 11, 1939: Jeffers denies the charges.
Aug. 27, 1938, Joseph Jeffers  
Aug. 27, 1938: Jeffers preaches at the Kingdom Church.

Jan. 14, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

Jan. 14, 1939: Jeffers charged that he was being prosecuted because of his views against the Jews.

March 24, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

March 24, 1939, Jeffers is freed.

March 29, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

A sermon on "Man in Jail."

April 11, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

April 19, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

Above, Jeffers' followers pray before his hearing, April 19, 1939.
 Below, a witness describes the couple's alleged "unnatural acts," which
 are too graphic for The Times. 

April 19, 1939, Joseph Jeffers

What happened to Joseph Jeffers? Stay tuned!