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Matt Weinstock -- April 30, 1959

April 30, 2009 |  4:00 pm

April 30, 1959, Herblock

Tijuana Exile Hopes

Matt_weinstockdThis is a further report on Roy Huerta, separated for the last 10 years from his beloved wife, Manuela, and their six children. Roy, 39, is a cook at a restaurant on Sunset Blvd. and lives with a brother on the North Side. His family lives in Tijuana.

Their enforced separation dates to 1949. They were living in Los Angeles. One day they took a trip to Tijuana. Returning, Manuela panicked and gave conflicting answers at the border and was detained. Born in Mexico, she speaks little English. She was later convicted of perjury and deported.

The frustrating case was first reported here Sept 13, 1957.

Three weeks ago a reader, Mrs. William Rosenblatt, wrote that since it was related here the story had disturbed her and she wondered if there had been any development. I got hold of Roy and he said the situation was unchanged, which was told here.

April 30, 1959, Cover However, Francis H. Ohswaldt, deputy district director of immigration, saw the column and phoned.

IT APPEARED to him that the family could be reunited under Public Law 85-316, in effect since Sept. 11, 1957. The law provides that an alien spouse or child of a U.S. citizen shall be issued a visa under certain conditions, which Manuela apparently can meet.

The sad thing, he said, was that Roy and his wife didn't know that they probably have been eligible for this relief for more than a year. he was put in touch with Roy and he has alerted immigration officials at the border to expedite the case.

"Perhaps," Ohswaldt said, "immigration people won't be considered the ogres they are sometimes painted."

LAST WEEKEND when Roy went to Tijuana he took along his birth certificate and Army discharge -- necessary to prove his American citizenship. Monday Manuela went to the American consul there and filled out an application for a visa.

If investigation shows that the requirements have been met under the law, the Huerta family should be together in six weeks or two months.

April 30, 1959, Officer Shot "Gosh," Roy said yesterday. "I guess I better start looking for a house to rent for my six kids."

It's nice to be able to print a story with a happy ending.


YOU DON'T HEAR about it, but the six-year truce between the Communist North Koreans and the U.N. still presents uneasy moments.

Ed Fleming of KNXT spent several days at Panmunjom on his recent swing around the Orient and learned that incidents keep cropping up that require meetings between the opposing forces.

One time last winter Communist soldiers threw snowballs at Americans patrolling the border. And you know what those nasty Americans did? They returned the fire, only they allegedly put rocks in their snowballs.  The North Koreans charged this was a violation of the armistice.

More recently they complained U.N. soldiers were throwing orange peels across the line and went through the ridiculous motion of charging another violation.


April 30, 1959, Abby ONLY IN L.A. -- A lady called Aunt Hallie came up to photog Bob Martin at a family gathering and said she'd like to show him some pictures. She brought out a leather-bound book with the gold letters "S.O.G. with P.I.P." on the cover. Meant "Silly Old Grandmother with Pictures in Purse." she explained to baffled Bob ... One of the girls in classified took an ad from a man wishing to sell a sorrel mare, some black Angus calves and some "wiener" pigs. In the nick of time it was corrected to "weaner."


AT RANDOM -- Tom Cracraft puts stickers on his letters with the slogan, "Get the lead out of your gas. Stop smog!" ... Cosmopolitan for May is one great big paean to California, mostly this area. Meanwhile, back among the natives here, the heckling continues ... No truth in the rumor, Martin Ragaway says, that Cadillac dealers are raffling off a hospital ... Descriptive line by barkeep Jose Sanchez: "She's the type that orders caffeine-free coffee laced with cognac."