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Changing the Pledge of Allegiance, April 24, 1939

April 24, 2009 |  6:00 am

April 24, 1939, Nuestro Pueblo

Above, the Merced Theater in 1939 and, below, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Pico House, Merced Theater
April 10, 1938, Pledge of Allegiance

You may recall this photo from April 10, 1938. It shows newsboys giving the Pledge of Allegiance with their arms outstretched.

April 24, 1939, Pledge of Allegiance

April 24, 1939: David Cheverton shows the new style of the pledge, in which the right hand is place over the heart.

April 24, 1939, Cover
At left, Yugoslavia aligns itself with Germany and Italy ... Avenal, Calif., battles an invasion of grasshoppers with poison and flames. "Another great horde of grasshoppers covering an area 10 miles long and give miles wide was reported moving down from the foothills near Los Banos," The Times says.

James E. Bassett covers the marriage of "two of filmdom's brightest luminaries," Tyrone Power, 24, Suzanne Georgette Charpentier.

And the peculiar tale of an 87-year-old New Jersey man who burns to death when his whiskers catch fire.

April 24, 1939, Angler

April 24, 1939, Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright's Johnson Wax Building opens to great acclaim.

April 24, 1939, Tanks

Nazi Field Marshal Hermann Goerring reviews Italian tanks in Tripoli.

April 24, 1939, Mexican Repatriation

A 70-year-old solution to immigration: repatriate thousands of Mexicans.
April 24, 1939, Refugees

A British look at the issue of unwelcome war refugees, primarily Jews.

April 24, 1939, Theater

Ona Munson is cast as Belle Watling in "Gone With the Wind."
April 24, 1939, Comics

Is a "she-devil" setting a trap for Tarzan?!

April 24, 1939, Sports

What do you get when you run an eight-column photo? Lots of head bumps, sometimes called "tombstoning." Even with big art, they crammed 14 stories on the cover. And the section header is reversed out of the picture (a "reverse" is white type on a black background).