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Trouble Was His Business -- Raymond Chandler


"Lady in the Lake" opens Feb. 14, 1947.

As with "Farewell, My Lovely" and "High Window," The Times failed to review Raymond Chandler's "The Lady in the Lake."  For those who have never seen this film, actors play to the camera, which takes the role of Philip Marlowe in most sequences. Many early film writers dismissed this as an interesting--but failed--experiment and the technique evidently puzzled 1947 audiences expecting a more conventional picture.

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Comments (2)

The POV experiment made for an intriguing, if flawed film.

Shortly thereafter, Montgomery took to television where he produced and introduced a fine anthology series. He also gave us the wonderful Elizabeth, who made her debut on 'Robert Montgomery Presents'.

And I'll take Robert Montgomery over George Montgomery any time... especially when it comes to Chandler.

Bogart has been the only viable Philip Marlowe to date. Eliot Gould gave it a unique, albeit not Chandler-esque, touch in Long Goodbye.


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