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Matt Weinstock -- March 14, 1959

March 14, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Case of the Glass Dogs

Matt_weinstockdAs always, last week's phenomenon becomes an ordinary event this week.

Remember the piece here about the Irish settler seen gnawing away at the glass window of a parked car in Coronado?

Let Lucile McNeil of Independence, Cal., tell about her claustrophobic mongrel, Cappy.

One time in Salt Lake City she left Cappy, a girl dog, in the car while she and her husband went to a theater. Half an hour later Cappy was in the theater looking for them. There was a jagged hole in the window Lucile had left lowered for ventilation.

Six months later in Lone Pine Cappy, who hated containment, did it again.

Two years later while having lunch with a friend in a Pomona restaurant the dog came into their booth. Refused admittance at the front door, Cappy had gone around to the the rear and come in through the kitchen. 

In all cases Cappy had cut her mouth but didn't swallow the glass.

* *

1959_0314_jazz WHILE IN New York last week attending the National Book Awards, Rex Barley was introduced to a distinguished literary critic who asked superciliously, "Do people really read books in Los Angeles?"

Rex thought he was kidding but he went on, "I know they read about yoga and things like that but do they actually ever read a serious book?"

Rex walked away, shaken by the thought that the man has helped mold literary opinion for 20 years. Los Angeles is second to New York in book sales.

* *

Confliction mars this season's time:
While Spring implies we'll be re-born
Stern income tax, with grimmer rhyme,
Retorts we'll merely be re-shorn.

* *

AFTER A recent concert, violinist Mischa Elman was having a midnight supper with Irwin Parnes, under whose auspices he will appear in Philharmonic Auditorium next Saturday, when a young man came over to the table and said, "Mr. Elman, I've wanted to meet you for many years to thank you." 

He related that when he was 10 his parents took him to a concert in his home town, Fargo, N.D., and he became so inspired he took up the violin. Lacking the talent for the concert stage, he said, he joined a jazz group and had had a satisfying life in music. "I wanted you to know," he concluded, "I owe it all to a concert I'm sure you have long since forgotten."

"Oh, no," said Elman, now in his 80s, "I remember that Fargo concert very well. They paid me with a bad check."

* *

1959_0314_abby THIS IS TO advise city and county overseers that the natives are restless again over proposed tax increases. To quote on of them: "How can they justify a $5 auto tax in the face of their giveaways? This turnip is out of blood. Where does the line form for the protest march?"

* *

"THE SPACE AGE is beyond me," Sallie Fiske says, "and when I read that scientists expect to recover and bring home one of our satellites to the launching pad I wondered, will it have 'Yankee, go home!' on it?" No, probably just a busted nose cone.

* *

FOOTNOTES -- In his interview with Frank Evans on KRHM-FM George Shearing expressed admiration for Buddy DeFranco and mused, "If he made an album with Mort Sahl do you suppose it would be called 'Buddy and Sahl'?" . . . Coincidence note: There's a David Crockett working at Disneyland -- on the caissons for the upcoming Matterhorn, Monorail and Submarine rides . . . Doris Hellman gets piqued when she encounters the word "razed" as in "Fire Razes Building." "Fire really lowers it," she says slyly . . . Terri McDaniel observes: "People who live in glass houses must spend a fortune on draw drapes" . . . It's only a matter of time, Frank Barron reasons, until a bearded musician tells a barber, "OK, now let's take it from the top" . . . Thought for the week: Imagine, vaporlock in mid-March!