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An Early Look at Gays; Lakers Head for Playoffs, March 24, 1969

March 24, 2009 |  9:00 am

The nondupe features "the large colony of acknowledged homosexuals in this city."
"The men who find themselves under the pressure of secrecy often seek homosexual relationships on a compulsive basis -- cruising gay bars, the bus station or certain streets known to be hangouts. This often brings them into conflict with the law."
"As for the future of homosexuality, society needs to become more tolerant, according to Dr. [Judd] Marmor [of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center]. At the same time, research into the prevention of homosexuality should be undertaken, he added.

1969_0324_sports The Lakers finished the regular season with their best record in franchise history and felt like celebrating.

The Lakers defeated the New York Knicks, 128-111, at the Forum and were headed for the playoffs against the San Francisco Warriors. But they were already talking about potential opponents in the NBA finals.

Jerry West made news the following day at a weekly sportswriters' luncheon by dismissing the Boston Celtics' chances. "They're not a good scoring club anymore," West said. "If they don't get a good scoring game out of Bailey Howell, they're in trouble."

Somewhere in Boston, a bulletin board just got another clipping.

--Keith Thursby