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Re-Creating Ballgames in the Days of Radio, March 14, 1959

March 14, 2009 |  9:00 am
Los Angeles Times file photo

KHJ-TV sportscasters Lyle Bond, left, and Bill Brundige in a 1957 publicity shot for their coverage of the Los Angeles Angels.

1959_0314_brundige I've always associated radio re-creations of baseball games with an earlier, simpler era. So I was surprised to find this story about KDAY starting re-creations of Yankee games. Guess I believed 1959 was too hip for such primitive programming, only months from the start of the swinging, Space Age, New Frontier '60s.

I didn't expect an L.A. radio station would be interested in American League games when the Dodgers had taken the town by storm. Sure, the Yankees were still the Yankees but would people really be interested in broadcasts of games that were, well, less than authentic since the broadcaster was in a studio and not at the ballpark?

And I was a little surprised by the approach taken by Times radio writer Don Page. He spun the news as good for local employment. "When the Dodgers came west many of our local announcers were relegated to lesser jobs with the demise of Coast League baseball," Page wrote. "Understandably, the Dodgers wanted their announcers, Scully and Doggett. One of our local boys is back in business, however."

The local voice was Bill Brundige, who called Los Angeles Angels games on TV from '52-57. Brundige was no minor leaguer--he broadcast the Cubs and Phillies before coming to Southern California.

Any Daily Mirror readers remember the Yankee weekend games on L.A. radio?

--Keith Thursby