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Baghdad Welcomes Leader; Senate OKs Hawaiian Statehood, March 12, 1959

March 12, 2009 |  6:00 am

Iraqi Premier Abdel Karim Kassem waves to a crowd in Baghdad after putting down a rebellion. He was overthrown and executed in February 1963 after surviving an assassination attempt by a team that included Saddam Hussein.



"Throwback" Thursby threw me for a loop today. He was all set for a post on Bill Brundige (stay tuned for that) and I noticed something quite peculiar: A broadcast of the Met's premiere production of "Wozzeck." It's hard to imagine what impression Alban Berg's opera--performed in English--made on 1959 audiences but I would guess they were fairly perplexed.

It turns out that ProQuest popped a gear and only has a few of the March 12, 1959, pages. The rest are actually for March 14. What we do have is the cover and Kim Novak with Pyewacket publicizing the PATSY Awards for animals in motion pictures and TV.  
May 4, 1930: A Times feature on "Wozzeck."