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A Reminder From the Daily Mirror -- Daylight Saving Time

Los Angeles Times file photo

Pier Angeli and her little friend Chris remind Daily Mirror readers to turn their clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time.
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Comments (4)

I actually wasn't going to set my clock ahead. But I'd do anything Pier and her little friend tell me to do! Rarff!

I can't even look at Pier or the clock, because that dog is creeping the hell out of me. That toothy, knowing leer on its face . . .its paw pointing ominously toward the "2," as it to remind Pier her days are numbered . . . What appears to be sunglasses perched on its head . . . What kind of hell beast IS that?!

Eve, are you familiar with the Doomsday Clock? Chris the Beast-Dog is telling us all that it is, in fact, two afters AFTER doomsday. Hence his post-apocalyptic Road Warrior hair-do.

That explains a lot, especially its knowing grin.

Unless it's really Pier's "familiar," instead of a black cat . . .


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