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Random Shot -- 1911

February 25, 2009 |  6:00 am

Los Angeles Times file photo

I found this picture of the Los Angeles Trust and Savings Building and thought it would be fun to explore. It's from about 1911.


On closer examination, we find an interesting array of transportation: Horse-drawn vehicles, autos, pedestrians, a streetcar and (at least I think) bicycles on the other side of the streetcar. It's a bit hard to tell, but the sign on the streetcar apparently says "University & Central." Five modes of transportation and no traffic control.

All-night banking was evidently popular, according to The Times. There certainly are a lot of chimneys on that building.


Maybe it's the angle, but it looks as though the car's steering wheel is in the center rather than on the left. Maybe some expert on horseless carriages can help us out. It also looks like there's a toolbox on the left running board. What's this? No spare tires in the front fenders or on the back--notice, no bumper.  Also notice the old-style streetlight. I wonder what the horse is tied to to keep it from walking (or running) away. Sometimes there were big iron rings in the sidewalk.


Another touring car--notice that there's no traffic control at this corner.


And here are some ladies out for a stroll in their hats and long skirts.

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And this is the building at Spring and 6th streets today.