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Paul Coates -- Confidential File, February 16, 1959

February 16, 2009 |  2:00 pm


Those Sick Minds Are Again at Work

Paul_coates_4 The sick minds are working overtime again.

They've found another "cause."

And they're spreading the word.

This morning I received my pamphlet. It came indirectly -- through a reader who was startled to find it in his mailbox.

I presume hundreds of others in Southern California got the same message of hate. The ballyhoo boys of bigotry never seem to be lacking in funds to promote wide distribution of their poison.

This time the "cause" is to block Hawaiian statehood.

It's championed by a group of hatemongers who hide behind anonymity of a post-office box number in Inglewood.

Their so-called reasoning behind the crusade is, according to the pamphlet's bold letters:

"We Don't Need a Fiftieth Oriental State!"

1959_0216_rred_streak It's a very disgusting piece of literature. But I wasn't at all surprised by its contents.

The outfit which circulated it has been barraging Southern California for years with the same kind of bigoted preachings.

The group goes under the vague name of "American Nationalist," and draws its following from the 200% "patriots" who subscribe to the theory that anyone who isn't descended from a Mayflower voyage should be deported.

In its most recent campaigns, the American Nationalist has attacked "the aliens who control our radio and television networks" for permitting the music of such men as Nat (King) Cole, Harry Belafonte, Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton to soil the ears of "pure Americans." 

It has demanded restoration of racial segregation in the armed forces. It has attacked the National Council of Churches and screamed for the impeachment of our U.S. Supreme Court justices, labeling them as fanatics, degenerates and "Communist-aided apostles."

Now the kick is Hawaii.

"Hawaii's population is predominantly Asiatic," the Nationalist states. "It is absolutely imperative that everyone receiving this tract should immediately write their (sic) Congressmen, AND KEEP ON WRITING THEM, until this shameful measure is beaten . . ."

Smith Has Some Courage

1959_0216_duncan Bigots like Gerald L.K. Smith, who come out in the open to spit their venom, are bad enough.

But at least you've got to give a man like Smith credit for having the courage to crawl out from under his rock so everyone can take a good look at him.

For the hatemongers behind the American Nationalist, I can't say the same.

All I can point out is that, a couple of weeks ago, there were some open hearings in Washington on the issue of Hawaiian statehood. They were held by a House committee interested in weighing all pros and cons.

Not one private citizen came forward to speak against the proposal.

It's got me wondering if the frustrated, misguided individuals who are so "brave" in their printed, anonymous hate sheets might have a yellow tinge in that stripe down their back.