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Paul Coates -- Confidential File, February 7, 1959

February 7, 2009 |  2:00 pm


Mash Notes and Comments

Paul_coates (Press Release) "In MGM's 'Some Came Running,' Shirley MacLaine scores a triumph in the role of Ginny, one of the 'un-respectable' characters in the James Jones novel.

"To Shirley, however, Ginny was not 'the real slob' pictured in the book.

"She's supposed to be a tramp, but she isn't really,' says Shirley in this week's Look magazine.

"'She wants to love one man and stick with him.

"'She has a great capacity for giving love and is more of a woman than most women.

"'I loved this girl so much . . . All of us making the picture were in love with Ginny.

1959_0207_cover "'Dean Martin actually cringed when he had to refer to her as a pig in one scene.'" (signed) Publicity Department, Look Magazine, New York City.

-He should hear what she called him.

* *

"Dear Mr. Coates:

"I have always admired you and your column, that is until Monday when you wrote your views about Fidel Castro and beards.

"Fidel Castro must find peace and comfort living as he does and he is so beloved by his people for what he is and does, not how he looks.

"Frankly, to me, a man looks very strange with his face smooth-shaven. A man looks beautiful with a beard.

"Life intended man to have a beard to protect his face, just as we have hair on our scalps to protect our heads." (signed) Catherine August, Glendale

-Maybe you have, lady. But not me.

* *


Richard Bergholz interviews
Warren Christopher.

"Fidel Castro's beard is a symbol.

"At present, the man is not concerned with personal hygiene. His only concern is Cuba's future.

"A beatnik may also wear a beard, with no place to go and hardly without a future in a coffee shop.

"Castro is a man of the future, going places with a beard, no razor blades, no deodorants. Many of the rest of us are all hygiene, not going any place and with very little future.

"P.S.: Castro's beard is worth $25,000. Yours is worth nothing." (signed) Herman Hermosillo, 3651 1/2 Armour Ave., L.A.

-$25,000! I'd sell my whole head for that.

* *

(Press Release) "Because he had nerve enough to talk back to a 'wise guy' stranger, Sal Mineo was launched on a career that has culminated with his starring role in Walt Disney's 'Tonka.'

"It all began when a talent scout stopped Sal on a Bronx street and asked him if he'd like to become an actor.

"'I thought he was a wise guy,' says Sal, with a grin. 'I gave him a lot of smart back talk. He thought I was kind of different from the other kids in the Bronx because I would stand up and speak for myself.

"'My advice to any kids who figure on a show-business career is to talk up a storm!' says Sal. 'Believe me, nobody gets anywhere by staying silent.'" (signed) Walt Disney Productions Burbank.

-Kid, you never heard of Gary Cooper?