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Matt Weinstock -- February 7, 1959

February 7, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Viene La Mañana

Matt_weinstockd Lencho Perez, a song writer, was arrested recently for drunk driving, and when he appeared in Judge Carlos Teran's court in East L.A. he contritely admitted his guilt and paid his fine. Not only that, he returned a few days later and presented the judge and court interpreter with copies of a lifting, six-verse song he'd written, a warning to others not to drive when they've been drinking.

It is titled "El Parrandero," which means Good Time Charley or playboy, and cautions other automovilistas out on the town that if they're not careful they will land in jail as he did.

Perhaps high schoolers studying Spanish, bucking for a passing grade, may with to try the last verse:

Ahora si ya con certeza
bien conozco este lugar,
Por manejar con cerveza
a la carcel fui a parar.

* *

SEVERAL TIMES during John Neely's plane trip here from Texas, where he was arrested, a woman passenger in a nearby seat looked hard at him and said, "Didn't I go to school with you in Dallas?" Neely, in custody of Lt. George Stoner, didn't answer. 

1959_0207_hellman On arrival, when she learned he was charged with murdering Ronald Caruana, she almost went into orbit on her own power.

* *

THE COMMITTEE handling the entertainment for the American Society of Civil Engineers convention opening here Monday recalled the time several years ago in Chicago when someone suggested hiring a funny little guy with a guitar playing in a club on State Street. The chairman overruled him, and a string quartet was hired. So GeorgeGobel had to wait a little longer for fame to strike him. 

* *

REMEMBER the recent news story from St. Paul about the 16-year-old baby sitter who got stuck to a freshly painted toilet seat? And the doctor who tripped and knocked himself out when he came to her rescue? And both of them had to go to the hospital for repairs?

Well, the AP gave it the seminar treatment and in its weekly log reports that editors all over the country were skeptical. Many recalled having heard the tale repeatedly for the last 25 years, with variations, but without verification.

1959_0207_tv Palmer Hoyt of the Denver Post recalled that about 1935, when he was on the Portland Oregonian, a staff man got a hold of a similar story but was restrained from using it when he found the source was always one removed. They decided the young lady had been cruelly framed.

By the way, the St. Paul Dispatch, which broke the story, insists it is authentic. The source, editors say, is the insurance adjuster who handled the case.

Concludes AP: It could have happened twice.

* *

THERE'S a dramatic scene in the movie "Hanging Tree" in which Maria Schell, after a near fatal accident, rides a white horse bareback, seated sideways, into a mining town.

At a preview an irrepressible reviewer broke the spell by shouting, "Take it off, Lady Godiva!"

* *

1959_0207_stans KID STUFF -- The parents of Timothy Deans, 4, are pretty sure he no longer is a little boy. The other day he told his mother, "Call me Tim, not Timmy -- that's a baby's name." And at bedtime he announced, "I only want to be kissed good night once a week!" . . . Mrs. F. J.Biebl was awakened at 6 a.m. by her 6-year-old asking, "Mamma, if I shot a bee with a BB would the bee be dead?" 

* *

FOOTNOTES -- The animal regulation department's monthly reports reveal an eland bite, possibly the first ever recorded. What do you say we skip it, that's reaching too far . . .Blodgett, Lauber & Wood have opened an office on Olive Street. as political consultants. Tom Blodgett is a Democrat, Mrs. Ruth Wood is a Republican, but Henry Lauber has thus far declined to state . . . Betcha this is the only place with a sports Freeway League. Yep, down Buena Park way.