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Matt Weinstock -- February 4, 1959

February 4, 2009 |  4:00 pm

A Taxpayer Votes 'No!'

Matt_weinstockd_2 As mentioned here recently, the Internal Revenue Service has the legal authority to attack bank accounts of persons who are delinquent in their payments. The policy, however, is not to work a hardship on those earnestly trying to co-operate.

Apparently one slips through now and then, as in the case of an angry man who lives in a suburb.

He owed less than $60 and had agreed to pay $20 a month until the debt was canceled. But life can be whimsical. When one payment came due he suddenly had to take his wife to the hospital for the birth of their first child.

He had $21 in the bank. Not wanting to be absolutely broke, he sent the government $10 and a note explaining the circumstances.

First thing he knew some checks bounced. A lien had been put on his bank account.

"What's this country coming to?" he asks, among other things. The other things are not printable.

* *

A NEIGHBOR caught short several weeks ago in a baking emergency, borrowed three cups of flour from a Palms woman.


The other day the neighbor's daughter, 15, brought it back, with five Green Stamps for good measure.

* *

Picture windows high and wide,
Provide a spacious view outside;
But some intriguing scenes have been
From the outside looking in.

* *

1959_0204_valens_01 IF YOU press him, North Young, a Malibu artist, will tell about the time he and a friend from New York set up their easels near the LaBrea tar pits. 

Toward dusk they completed their paintings. The New Yorker's was a portrait of a famous publisher holding his beloved but miserable pet poodle, which he had rescued from the pits. North admired it and asked what he was going to title it. He replied, "Hoist, With His Own Pet Tarred."

The New Yorker then looked at North's composition, an abstraction showing two fossils anthropologists had dug from the tar: The left femur of a baby bear from Iraq and the skeleton of a rabbit from an ancient Chinese city. "How about yours?" he asked. North replied, "Iraq Cub Bone and aHankow Hare." 

Obviously the fires, floods and landslides didn't do some Malibutes any good.

* *

KID STUFF-- Kevin, 10, was sent to the grocery store for a can of crushed pineapple but brought chunks instead. When his mother chided him, Kim, 4, remarked, "Well, I see the Lone Ranger goofed again!" . . . As an exercise in originality, Mr.Leatherman had his sixth-graders at Culver School make up limericks. Nancy Guinn's : "I have a fish named Noel, who lives in a very small bowl. He swims all day, in the saddest way, for I think to get out is his goal."

* *

1959_0204_valens_02 DURING a discussion of a case with a private investigator Clyde Duber in his Spring Street office, attorney James Starritt, former LAPD detective captain, asked his secretary to go out and get some coffee.

While she was gone a sneak thief, a glass partition away from the two sleuths, entered the outer office and stole her purse.

* *

LOOSE ENDS -- Yep, they finally made it, the Chattanooga Choo Choo Cha Cha -- but Charlie Park is pretending he didn't hear it . . . A furniture store at Sherman Way and Laurel Canyon Boulevard lists among its specials, "Antic Beds." Gal named Rosetta can't figure if it should be "antique" or not. Antic means grotesque and bizarre . . . Frank Barron, just returned from Miami, Fla., reports a restaurant has just opened there named the Diner Shore . . . A Newport Beach paper had this Miscellaneous For Sale ad: "Weight lifting equipment, barbells, etc. Lifted very little" . . . Those who know the place wonder if the current excitement will really blow the lid off Tijuana.