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LAPD Officer Suspended for Misconduct, January 5, 1959


Police Officer Charles Wolf, serial No. 4115, got himself into a bit of trouble...

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... at 502 S. Westlake Ave. ...

... with a "dissolute person" named Ruth Schneider.

-- She was also a prostitute.

-- She also got possession of his firearm.

And frankly, I'll bet there's more to this story that didn't get written down.

A 1952 article in The Times includes Officer C. Wolf among those punished for "Bloody Christmas," although it's unclear if this is the same Officer Wolf. According to Clinton Erickson, a former officer who tracks the "End of Watch" for LAPD officers, Charles Wolf retired in 1967 and died March 13, 1969. He was 52. A nice bit of research at the city archives by Catriona Lavery, a UCLA intern with the Daily Mirror.
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Comments (2)

The vagueness of the complaint is baffling. It just raises a lot of questions.

Such as:

Was this tryst while on duty or off?

Was money exchanged for sex?

What were the extenuating circumstances to this tryst with someone LAPD Police Chief William Parker described as "a known prostitute and dissolute person" that would merit a 15 day suspension without pay?

Somehow the officer's firearm either was lost or forgotten while he was having his tryst with Mrs. Schnieder. It would appear he forgot about his gun and left it when he left the woman's residence. Would this suggest the officer was intoxicated while he was visiting Mrs. Schnieder?

1. The bloody Christmas incident was depicted in the movie "L.A. Confidential".
2. The complaint against Officer Wolf sounds like the set up for naughty jokes [e.g. needing protection, or discharging a firearm, or how many 'guns' she grabbed, etc] but it's evidently true. I hope he was smart enough to only give her his drop gun.


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