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Found on EBay -- 1908 Rainier

The 1908 Rainier in all its aged glory.
A 101-year-old touring car on its third owner has been listed on EBay. According to the vendor's information, the car was purchased in Los Angeles and driven by the Asbury family, which gave the car to the family chauffeur when the rear axle housing broke. The chauffeur replaced the piece with a Pierce-Arrow rear end, but wisely threw all the original Rainier pieces in the back seat. When the chauffeur died, the car was sold at auction to the vendor's grandfather, a car enthusiast. Bidding starts at $185,000.  The vendor says that on the way home from a 1938 horseless carriage gathering, this car was clocked at 70 mph.
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Comments (4)

Wadda ya wanna bet Jay Leno gets it?

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed...

How did the Rumble Seat bunch miss this one? ended at 274K, unsold, as it didn't meet the reserve. What could the reserve have been?? I think this seller was a bit optimistic, to say the least....


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