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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Birth Control Producing Nation of Criminals, Educator Says, February 28, 1939

The Florentine Gardens, "on Hollywood Boulevard just east of Vine Street in the city of films, Hollywood, Calif."  Until I found that "Maurice the Voice Teacher" in the Black Dahlia case was Maurice Clemens, I wondered if he was Maurice Kosloff, who ran an acting school in Hollywood and was connected to the Florentine Gardens.
1939_0228_cover Supreme Court rules against
sit-down strikes.
The City Council rejects Mayor Fletcher Bowron's nominees for the Board of Public Works ... Anti-Nazi rioting breaks out in Poland ... Eleanor Roosevelt refuses to confirm that she resigned from the D.A.R. over the group's refusal to let Marian Anderson sing at Constitution Hall.

Be sure to read the story about how birth control is leaving America awash in children with low IQs. By using family planning, according to Mary B. McAndrew, "we are raising more and more low-quality citizens. This breeding from the bottom up means more juvenile delinquency, more crimes, more public charges and unemployables, fewer real leaders."   
Troubles with "Gone With the Wind" and "I Take This Woman." 
The White Sox begin spring training in Pasadena. Bill Henry recalls the Beverly Hills Speedway, which opened in 1920.
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Comments (2)

"Be sure to read the story "

Read WHAT? Read it HOW?

The typrface is so small on the photos on this posting that you can't read a thing,

Click on the photo and it comes up and it is STILL so small since the photo only takes up about 1/2 the width of the computer screen that you can't read a thing.

Holding a manifying glass up to the laptop screen is not an option.


A second click on the story (your computer will show a magnifying glass, strangely enough) will solve it. Easily legible then.


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