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Voices -- Christine Collins, November 1, 1930

Los Angeles, Calif.
November 1, 1930

Dear Mr. Neumiller

1930_1101_christine_collins02_01 I am taking the liberty of writing you a personal letter which I sincerely hope you will give consideration.

I am again pleading for a parole for my husband, Walter J. Collins, imprisoned at Reprisa, Calif. I understand that he is eligible for parole very soon and I hope you and the other members of the prison board will grant him a release.

Mr. Collins is a good man as you know by his good record and behavior while imprisoned. I am not at all well and as yet not able to take a position. If Mr. Collins were paroled he would certainly take care of me.

We are trying to get a position for him so as he may have employment in the event you see fit to grant him a parole.

I wanted to see you personally while staying in San Francisco after my visit to San Quentin where I went to question Gordon Northcott regarding my little son. I was a guest at Warden Holohan's home for three days. He is a lovely man and both he and his lovely daughter, Josephine, treated me wonderfully. I never shall forget their hospitality.

While there, the warden informed me that you were ill with a heavy cold and I was very sorry to hear it. I felt that I didn't want to intrude at this time so consequently returned to Los Angeles without seeing you. I trust that you're over that cold and well on the road to recovery.

I attended an entertainment given by the Knights of Pythias last Wednesday evening in honor of their annual role call. I met some very nice people, who, of course, were brother knights and when I informed them that my father had been a K.P. for 35 years they became interested. I learned thru the committee chairman that Warden Holohan also was a member of the Knights of Pythias. My father went thru every branch of his (my father) lodge and was a grand chancellor in his last days.

If Mr. Collins is permitted I want him to join that order and make something out of himself.

I felt that I wanted to write to you Mr. Neumiller so please do not regard this an imposition.

Hoping this finds you well and in the best of health, I am,

Very sincerely,

Mrs. Walter J. Collins
2614 N. Griffin Ave.,
Los Angeles, Calif.
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