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Voices -- Christine Collins, November 24, 1930

January 4, 2009 | 10:00 am

Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov. 24th, 1930

Dear Mr. Smith,

1930_1124_christine_collins02_01 I wanted to write to you sooner and thank you for your kindness toward both Walter and myself but I have been very busy so please excuse the delay this time. I have not been very well lately, which I guess is another excuse for not writing. I am in bed several days at a time due to my wrecked nerves.

I wanted to see you when I visited the prison recently but I realized you were very busy at the time so did not want to disturb you. Beside, I was very tired and nervous from my trip to San Quentin, where I interviewed that awful person who was hanged while I was there.

The warden there was lovely to me too and extended such wonderful hospitality while a guest at his home. I have met two lovely wardens and was wondering if they all were as kind.

I had occasion to be at the Knights of Pythias hall after a lodge meeting one evening in regard to the members considering their signatures to a parole for Walter. I was informed beforehand that I probably would be asked to speak in his behalf [illegible] members of the lodge but when I arrived it seemed all the knights were present.

I asked the chancellor commander to speak for me which he very kindly did. He stated that as an appeal from a daughter of a knight (now deceased) I asked that they consider a parole for my husband so as he (Mr. Collins) may support and take care of me. I just couldn't talk, it seems, before a large body of strange me; some were acquaintances.

As I was leaving I turned around and said, "I want to thank you all for your kind attention." They all applauded. I am still wondering if it were for the "speech" I made or for the recovery of my tongue.

Mr. Borton told me that you wrote him a very nice letter which he will present at the next lodge meeting. I want to thank you for this and also for your answer to the K.P. members' letter which Walter said you answered.

I have tried real hard to secure employment for Walter but due to the distressed conditions of the employment situation it seems impossible. I am worrying what to do next.

Mr. Smith, if possible, in the event Walter is given a parole I wish this would not be made public as I believe Walter would stand a better chance for a new start. As a favor will you please have his parole kept from the press?

Thanking you for your consideration and time and kindness toward us, I remain,

Sincerely your friend,

Mrs. Walter J. Collins
2416 N. Griffin Ave.