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Voices -- Christine Collins, September 8, 1931

January 14, 2009 | 12:00 pm

  Los Angeles, Calif.,
  Sept. 8, 1931
Dear. Mr. Neumiller,
1931_0908_christine_collins02_01I am writing to you again in behalf of my husband, Walter J. Collins, No. 12824, an inmate at Represa, Calif.
I understand that his name appears on the June calendar and that he will be called before the prison board some time this month for a hearing.
I wish that you would consider a parole for him as I really need his support. I am not at all able to work and am solely dependant upon others for a livelihood. Due to worry over my health and conditions in general I spend a great part of my time in bed with nervous breakdowns.

If Walter were released, I am sure that he would be able to secure a position and support me, thus enabling me to regain my health.

'When a person's health is gone this old world looks very dark and dreary.'

--Christine Collins

I certainly have suffered thru the loss of our only son, whom you know was kidnapped and thot to have been at the Northcott murder farm. Then the brutality of the L.A. police and my imprisonment in the psychopathic hospital because I would not accept someone else's child as my lost boy caused the loss of my position which was my only source of support, as well as the loss of my health.

I am really destitute, having to rely upon strangers for help. I have a sick sister who is unable to work on account of her health as much as she is willing to help me.

I am writing to you from a humane standpoint and hope that you will just give my husband another chance. I am sure that he will make good. He has been imprisoned for nearly eight years and we both have suffered terribly in that length of time.

I know that should a parole be granted at this meeting I would regain my health and I would certainly be most grateful to you. When a person's health is gone this old world looks very dark and dreary.

Hoping you will give this consideration and thanking you for your previous courtesy, I beg to remain,

Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Walter J. Collins
2614 N. Griffin Ave.
Los Angeles, Calif.

ps. Please do what you can for Walter.
Thank you.
Mrs. C.