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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Vivian Leigh cast as Scarlett O'Hara, January 1939


On January 14, 1939, The Times published the news that an English actress had been cast in the lead of "Gone With the Wind." Excuse me, but Jean Arthur as Scarlett?

Hedda Hopper covers the furious reaction over David O. Selznick not casting an American actress in the lead of "Gone With the Wind."

The Democratic Party's dependence on "Jewish financial backers" influences its attitude toward Germany, according to Nazi "philosopher" Alfred Rosenberg.
The Holocaust touches Los Angeles. Dr. Gustav Baar tells of his experiences in fleeing Europe and says he managed to escape because he was an American and because he was on vacation in Rome when the Nazis rolled into Austria.

"No nation in Europe has the courage or the power to stop this gangster," Baar says of Hitler. "I was in Paris when she was mobilized. She was so unprepared that there was not a gas mask in Paris for civilians and only the most pitiful rags as uniforms for most of the troops called to the colors."

And local leaders of the German American Bund are arrested on charges of trying to distribute fliers purportedly written by Jews that would provoke anti-Semitism.


You may recall a photo posted in the Daily Mirror last year showing Police Capt. Peter Del Gado accepting new Pontiac police cars. Del Gado fled to Mexico during the investigation of City Hall corruption and remained there until 1970, when his indictment was quashed and the ailing former officer returned to Los Angeles.

A great photo page from the Pro Bowl.

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Comments (3)

In a box full of old music, I found an article from the Chicago Tribune 1910. The actual month was not on this particular page. On the one side there is a full length colour photo of Vivien Leigh. On the other side is printed the song "When Johnny Comes Marching home". I'd love to see the whole article...half of it is missing. Thank you for your time.

The article Being difficult to read, I follow my previous comment with a correction: the Chicago Tribune date was 1940 regarding Vivien Leigh.

I wonder how many old newspaper articles are hidden in basements and attics. Old treasures that tells a story.


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