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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Mystery photo


Los Angeles Times photo

This fellow isn't a movie star (although he does have some credits on imdb). But he is a famous Los Angeles figure and I came across his photo file the other day. The pictures are too good not to share. Update: This is Fred Otash, about to testify in the L. Ewing Scott case. The man got around.
Los Angeles Times photograph
We've had one correct guess: Please congratulate Kip Brown for recognizing our mystery guest.

Update: "Moises Vivanco, calling 'You a big fat liar,' grapples with Freddie Otash," April 23, 1957, in the Yma Sumac contretemps. Otash operatives Bill Lowe, left, and Norman Placey watch.
Los Angeles Times photograph
Update: Sept. 3, 1959, Otash, right, with jockey Kenneth "Kenny" Godkins, waiting to appear before the grand jury in an investigation of horse racing. Otash was indicted on four counts of race fixing and horse doping.   (Otash got six months in jail. Godkins was later sentenced to prison on drug charges).
Photo by Don McCormack / L.A. Times

Update: Aug. 30, 1957, Otash, right, with surprise witness Christine Overhamm and defense attorney Arthur Crowley in the Confidential magazine trial.
Photo by George Rose / L.A. Times
Please add Carol Gwenn to the people who recognized our mystery guest as (in James Ellroy's words) "The late, great Freddie Otash." This photo was taken in 1981 for a Times story by Bill Overend in which Otash recalled his days as a vice officer.
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I will take a wild guess that the mystery person is Johnny Stompanato (sp?).

Jethro's dad, Max Baer, Sr.?

Sorry, should have done this when you posted this:

Link to a TV interview with Fred Otash by Mike Wallace on the Confidential Magazine case.


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