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Movie star mystery photo

Los Angeles Times file photo

Here's our last mystery star of 2008!
Los Angeles Times file photo
Lots of guesses, but none of them were correct. Our mystery guest has more than 30 credits on imdb and  figured in the investigation of a famous murder case.

Update: Please congratulate William (westpv) for correctly identifying our mystery woman as Jewel Carmen. Very impressive! I'll keep posting photos to see who else recognizes her.

Update: Sam (sammathtchr) also recognized her. Congratulations!
Los Angeles Times file photo
Here's another photo of our mystery woman, now with a mystery co-star!

Update: This is Kenneth Harlan in a scene from "Nobody."
Photograph by the Los Angeles Times

And here's our mystery gal a few years later. I think her sunglasses are great.
Photograph by the Los Angeles Times


And here she is in 1939. Our mystery woman is Jewel Carmen. She figured in the Thelma Todd case because she  was married to Roland West and owned the buildings where Todd operated her restaurant, including the garage where Todd's body was found. Carmen told investigators that Todd had heart disease and believed she only had a few years to live.

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Comments (20)

Mary Miles Minter?
Marion Davies?

Peg Entwhistle?

Olive Thomas?

Also think it is Mary Miles Minter.

Although, with that amount of retouching, it could have been Lassie.

Mary Pickford

Myrna Loy

Claire Windsor

Mary Astor

Edna Purviance?

Mildred Davis

Edna Cook

Mabel Normand

Virginia Rappe.

The heavy retouching renders this difficult. Of the published guesses Mary Miles Minter seems by far the best one. The style of everything is late 1910s, early 1920s. The shot with her male co-star is from the 1910s. Could he possibly be Wallace Reid?

Lionel Barrymore? I think I'm wrong this time...cant connect these two in any productions but he looks like Barrymore to me.

Mary Miles Minter

Looks a little like Madge Bellamy

How about Viola Dana?

The mystery costar looks like William Haines.

I think it's Lillian Gish.


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