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Movie Star Mystery Photo


Los Angeles Times photo

Update: This is Mary Pickford and Cecil B. De Mille after he received an Oscar and an Irving Thalberg Award at the 1953 Academy Awards.

Update: Many Daily Mirror readers have correctly identified the people in the photo (or at least one of them). Congratulations! If I haven't posted your answer, you're right. (I'm delaying the correct answers to give other people a chance). Check back tomorrow for more pictures!


Photograph by John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

Update: From left, Charles Boyer, Danny Kaye, Y. Frank Freeman, Mary Pickford, De Mille and Bob Hope in a photo published Aug. 13, 1958. The photo was too wide for my scanner, so I cropped out Samuel Goldwyn.


Regular reader Arye Michael Bender wonders whether the fellow on the left in photo No. 2 is A.C. Lyles rather than Charles Boyer. The story and photo above show Boyer was also photographed at the same event. Lyles doesn't appear on the list of guests.

My goodness, Daily Mirror readers know their movie stars! Many folks have correctly identified one or both of our mystery guests. If your comment hasn't been posted it's because you're right (I want to give other people a chance). Just for fun, here's another picture of them, with some mystery friends.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: From left, H.G. Stern, president of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, De Mille, Judge Benjamin Bledsoe and Louis B. Mayer, in a photo dated June 16, 1927.

Pretty much everyone got the majority of the folks in the last picture. Special credit goes to Dewey Webb for sending me the actual clipping from ProQuest. I hope this one will be a bit more challenging.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: This is a photo of the newly dedicated university religious center at UCLA, published March 31, 1932. From left, De Mille, Bishop Cantwell, President Sproul, Rabbi Magnin, the Rev. James B. Fox, Provosot E.C. Moore and the Rev. J. Lewis Gilles.

Everybody recognized at least two people in the previous photo. This one will be more difficult, I suspect. By now, the fellow on the left is a gimme.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Paulette Goddard and De Mille in "The Unconquered."

Here's the final mystery photo. I'll post the identities later today.

Come back next week. I've got an especially interesting photo.

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Comments (114)

I think the guy is Cecil B. DeMille. The gal - I'm poring over IMDB for a clue on her.

C.B. DeMille and Mary Pickford?

Mary Pickford hugging the third runner-up in the Cecil B. De Mille Lookalike Contest.

No, on second glance I'm going to say Cecil B. DeMille and Betty Hutton, with whom he'd had a famous falling out. This would appear to be after the reconciliation.

Fred and Ethel Mertz

Please disregard if you received my earlier email.
My guesses are Cecil B DeMille and Mary Pickford. Great Picture
Very truly yours, Carmen

Mary Pickford

I think it is Mary Pickford

How 'bout C. B. DeMille and Constance Adams.

Mary Pickford?

is that Mary Pickford?

Cecil B DeMille and Mary Pickford

. . .at Oscars, March 19 1953. (Do I get extra points?)

Love your quiz! Almost makes me look forward to getting Monday mornings . (As do of responses from some of the the more wise-assed faithful.)

Mary Pickford?

Cecil B. DeMille and Mary Pickford

Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore?
Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood?
Elton John & Boy George?

Arlene Francis? Bennett Cerf?

Cecil B. DeMille with Mary Pickford

The man is definitely Cecil B. DeMille. It's a bit tougher for me to decide who the woman is, but I'll venture a guess. Miriam Hopkins?

Can't tell for sure but man on left looks like Charles Boyer (sans toupee); man to Pickford's right is Paramount exec Y. Frank Freeman.

mary pickford

Cecil B.?

Cecil B.?

Charles Boyer, Danny Kaye, Charles Coburn (?), Mary Pickford, C.B. DeMille and Bob Hope.....




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