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Movie star mystery photo

January 9, 2009 |  8:00 am
Los Angeles Times file photo

Our mystery woman has more than 150 credits on IMDb. Update: She is Blanche Sweet, whose career spanned 1909 to 1960. In this undated photo, she is returning to the U.S. on the ship Pennsylvania.

Los Angeles Times file photo
Lots of guesses about our mystery woman, but none of them right. Here's another photo.

Update: Two correct guesses so far. Dewey Webb and Nick Santa Maria have identified the mystery woman, but I'm not going to publish the answer yet to give other people a chance. Keep checking back throughout the week for more photos and the answer on Friday!

Update: Blanche Sweet in 1927
Los Angeles Times file photo
Update: We have correct guesses from Mary Mallory and mmullen98. Congratulations!

Update II: Blanche Sweet in 1926.
Los Angeles Times file photo

One thing we can never get enough of at the Daily Mirror is photos of movie stars posing with a Studebaker. Here's our mystery woman on the running board of roadster. (Did you know Frances Bavier--Aunt Bee from "The Andy Griffith Show"--drove a Lark Daytona? It's true!)

Los Angeles Times file photo

Blanche Sweet in a photo for the 1926 film "Diplomacy," when movie publicity consisted of having someone drive across the country carrying the film cans. One of the men in the photo is director Marshall Neilan, Sweet's husband at the time (I believe he's the gent on the right). The other fellow is, alas, unidentified. Clifford Street, as seen in the photo, intersects with Glendale Boulevard north of downtown.