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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

Category: August 10, 2008 - August 16, 2008

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Dog IQ test, August 10, 1958

Dog IQ test. How smart is your dog? Find out here.

Dog IQ test. How smart is your dog? Find out here.

How smart is your dog? Read the Gettysburg Address to your faithful friend and find out. No, I mean it!

Answers below. No cheating, Princess!
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Judge challenges mayor in election, Pirates win, August 10, 1938

New Jersey couple cross country in 1904 Oldsmobile
This Oldsmobile got 30 mpg and hit 30 mph in a 4,600-mile cross-country jaunt.  But in 1938, this was a 34-year-old car, the same age as a 1974 Oldsmobile today.

New Jersey couple cross country in 1904 Oldsmobile
Judge to run against Los Angeles mayor in recall election This dropcap is from a 1914 headline Turr'ble Tales of Kaptin Kiddo uperior Court Judge Fletcher Bowron accepts the nomination bid to run against Mayor Frank Shaw in the upcoming recall election. Assemblyman Sam Yorty withdraws, ending a "draft Yorty" campaign, The Times says, calling him "the candidate of the left-wing labor element" of the Federation for Civic Betterment.

In Korea, Soviet artillery pounds the Japanese front ... On the jump, a caravan leaves for Amarillo, Texas, to dedicate the Will Rogers Memorial Highway.

In sports, the Hollywood Stars beat the L.A. Angels, 6-5, in the opener of the "Civil War" series.   
Drivers head to Texas on Route 66 to dedicate Will Rogers Highway Los Angeles Angels lose to Hollywood Stars

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