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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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June 8, 1938





As they did in 1907 (above), Shriners from across the country converge on Los Angeles from the North and the East. The guests of the Al Malaikah Lodge had a merry time, with marching bands and elaborate costumes.


I suspect that we would have quite a different view today of the gag performed by the Islam Lodge of San Francisco. The lodge members' parade entry consisted of a truck carrying a small minaret. Every so often during the parade, at a "call to prayer," the lodge members would throw down prayer rugs and pray to "Mecca"

And yes, it is Page 1 news when a goat in Carlinville, Ill.,  drinks gasoline and explodes. Reminds me of the horse with the wooden leg that caught fire.
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June 8, 1908


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Above, vaudeville and movies at the Orpheum ... At left, an automobile and a streetcar collide at 9th Street and Flower.

Also note the Latin American Republican League--and that in 1908 this group included Spanish, French and Italians ...

"Although there are 5,000 Spanish American voters in the county, there is not a single Spanish American holding a county office and there are very few of them employed at the courthouse."
--Frank Dominguez, president of the Latin American Republican League.

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