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Dodger Deal

May 17, 1958


By Keith Thursby
Times staff writer

“I own the oil rights in Chavez Ravine. The city is trying to steal them from us. We’ll have to fight for our rights.’

The quote is found on the second page of The Times’ story covering the state Assembly committee hearings into the Dodgers’ contract with the city of Los Angeles. The words were credited to Glen Walters, identified as an ex-actress and a resident of the Palos Verdes area of Chavez Ravine.

According to The Times’ story, she rushed the speaker’s stand shortly after a noon recess had been announced and was eventually escorted out. The Times may have made a big deal of the incident (with photo and a mention in the headline) but the story also included a lot more back and forth between city and state officials.

A quote from both sides of the debate:

Mayor Norris Poulson, asked whether the Dodgers would leave Los Angeles if Proposition B lost: “I’m sure they will and we’ll be the laughingstock of the United States.”

City Councilman Patrick McGee, criticizing the Dodgers’ offer to give the city Wrigley Field as part of the Chavez Ravine deal: “Wrigley Field is nothing more than a white elephant. The Dodgers don’t want it. So they just threw it into the deal to make it look like a good deal.”

A note of political realism in the story: There would be no report from the committee in time for the election. Chairman Ralph Brown said the committee had until the following January to file its conclusions.


Harry Raymond bombing


Los Angeles Times file photo

The prosecution rests in the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette, so I thought I'd post some photos of the Harry Raymond bombing... This is the remains of the garage at 955 Orme St. after the explosion...

1938_0117_raymond_mg_caskell_herod  Los Angeles Times file photo

Police fingerprint expert M.G. Gaskell looks for evidence on the remains of Harry Raymond's 1937 Chrysler.

Los Angeles Times file photo

Doctors treat Harry Raymond after the bombing. Note the pack of cigarettes stashed under his pillow. The doctor bending over Raymond is Charles F. Sebastian, son of the former Police Chief Charles E. Sebastian.

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Building of the week

May 17, 1908



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Mystery photo 3


And this one?

  • OK, Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, are the easy ones. Who is the Mystery Man on the left?
  • Merv Griffin? Sorry, I'm afraid not.
  • Edwin Meese? Alas, no.
  • Jesse Unruh? I'm afraid not.

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May 16, 1958

1958_0516_page 1958_0516_pike

May 16, 1958: Above, The Very Rev. James Pike becomes Episcopal bishop of California. 


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In 1961, a group of Georgia Episcopalian leaders accused him of heresy, saying that he "expressed disbelief in the virgin birth of Our Lord, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as stated by the church and the necessity of salvation through Jesus Christ alone."

Pike died in 1969 after he and his wife became stranded when their car broke down in the Judean desert.

Above left, Joseph "Sugar Joe" Peskin, a factor and former juke box figure, is pistol-whipped ... and a dozen patrol cars respond to a brawl at Betsy Ross High, a school for "problem girls" at 717 N. Figueroa.

At left, the generosity of the Dominican Republic's Gen. Rafael Trujillo toward Hollywood starlets (Zsa Zsa Gabor and Kim Novak) also extends to Joan Collins.

Quote of the Day: "Moslems teach one god and three wives and we teach one wife and three gods and it's no wonder we are losing the continent."
--Former Bishop James A. Pike, on returning from Africa

May 16, 1938


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May 16, 1908


Paul Coates

May 15, 1958


Paul Coates

May 15, 1958


May 15, 1958

May 15, 1958


May 15, 1958

1958_0515_massacre At left, a double feature of "Fort Massacre" and "Steel Bayonet." You sure don't have to wonder what those movies are about, do you? Below, the Soviets launch another satellite and Washington prepares to welcome Vice President Nixon back from his Latin American tour ... A major narcotics dealer is indicted on charges of selling heroin at Lucey's Restaurant, 5444 Melrose, across from Paramount ... On the jump, Hugh Bentley, vice crusader of Phenix City, Ala., is honored on "This Is Your Life."
1958_0515_cover 1958_0515_runover


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May 15, 1938

1938_0515_thomas At left, John Charles Thomas performs in "Blossom Time." Below left, shots are fired in a raid on water taxis taking customers to the gambling ship Rex, right out of Raymond Chandler. Authorities also seize 51 Rex employees ... In a secret Nazi trial, Baron von Cramm is sentenced to prison for improper relations with a Jewish woman ... On the jump, Rex operator Tony Cornero poses with lawmen who raided the ship ... And prosecutors search L.A. hardware stores for detonator wire in response to jurors' questions in the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette in the Harry Raymond bombing.
1938_0515_cover 1938_0515_kynette_ro

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