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Mystery photo

December 5, 2008 |  3:20 am


This mystery woman isn't a movie star. She's not even a starlet, although she does have a handful of credits on imdb and pops up on ibdb. The real world has been her stage and her drama certainly played out in the press. The Times' art department went overboard in retouching some of her photos, which is why I'm running them. 
Update: Yes, she's Gregg Sherwood Dodge.


I'm always impressed by the knowledge of the Daily Mirror readers. Here's to Dewey Webb, Alexa Foreman and Pamela Porter, who recognized our mystery woman.

Here's another picture of her. Notice that The Times' art department painted a strapless gown on her. It's interesting to speculate about what's underneath that The Times considered unprintable. It's not quite painting a shirt on a bare-chested Charlton Heston in a still from "Omega Man," but it's close.  (You think I'm kidding? I'll have to dig it out).


As you can tell, our mystery woman (yes this is the same woman) has been doing some hard living and has ended up in court. For some reason, The Times art department decided she wasn't quite close enough to the microphone, so they
cut the picture.


Here's a closeup, showing where the photograph was carefully sliced with a blade and taped together. Nice work, guys. (I'd show you all the tape on the back of the picture, but then you'd know her name and what fun would that be?)


Here's our mystery woman with another famous individual. He's not identified on the back of the photo, but Daily Mirror readers should have no trouble naming him. Update: Most people recognized attorney Jerry Giesler, congrats!


As many people guessed, our mystery woman is Gregg Sherwood Dodge.