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Movie star mystery photo

Los Angeles Times file photo

Our mystery fellow on the right has more than 200 credits in imdb. His lovely and vivacious companion has more than 50. Note: Comments on the Daily Mirror are monitored and must be approved. Be patient if your guess isn't posted immediately.
Update: So far, everybody has guessed correctly. This is a first!
Los Angeles Times file photo
The correct guesses are pouring in.
Dewey Webb was the first to identify our mystery guest and Barbara Klein was the first to identify his lovely and vivacious companion.

Los Angeles Times file photo
Fair enough, everybody has guessed that our mystery fellow is Robert Loggia. So, our question becomes: "What is Robert Loggia doing in this picture?"

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Comments (22)

Robert Loggia

Well, I'll take a stab at being the first one wrong. Is it Jeanne Crain and Robert Loggia?

Robert Loggia (before the transplant) & Gail Davis?

Robert Loggia and is that Bettye Ackerman with him?

Robert Loggia

The Indian is Robert Loggia.

audrey dalton and robert loggia

audrey dalton and robert loggia

That looks like Robert Loggia.

Robert Loggia?

Robert Loggia, before El Fego Baca?

I think it's Robert Loggia and Audrey Dalton.

Robert Loggia

He looks like Robert Loggia.

Robert Loggia

This is Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia *and* Audrey Dalton

Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia & Unidentified.

I also guess that the Nazi picture is from Loggia's guest star spot on the ABC Wonder Woman show. It's the one where she has to fight the gorilla.

publicity shot from The Fingers of Henri Tourelle, 1961 Naked City episode?

Loggia is looking at the blood on his hand that he can't get rid of. He killed a woman in THE HAND on ONE STEP BEYOND.


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