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Gustav Mahler's farewell concert with the New York Philharmonic, December 14, 1908

December 14, 2008 |  8:06 pm
I stumbled across--guess what--a daily history blog at the New York Times, headed by William S. Niederkorn. Here's the New York Times' review of "Mr. Mahler's Last Concert." But wait, what's this? Overemphasis of the brass? (gasp) ... Untunefulness in the 'wood winds?' (horrors!) "Mr. Mahler was much applauded and several times recalled."

Evidently the blog began in October but I only discovered it recently. The user interface is fantastic. I'm quite pleased the New York Times has joined the growing trend of newspaper history blogs. I'm aware of at least three others now, in addition to Times Traveler and the Daily Mirror: Bayou City History (Houston Chronicle), Photos From the Vault (San Luis Obispo County Tribune) and Tales From the Morgue (Arizona Daily Star). There's also Britain at War by the Daily Telegraph.

That's almost enough for a convention!