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Body found in shallow grave; Rams take off-season jobs, December 22, 1958

December 22, 2008 |  9:00 am

I thought I had encountered just about every kind of bizarre Southern California crime imaginable, but the Elizabeth Ann Duncan case is staggering--lrh.

Mother leaves three children
outside orphanage. 
Teenage robbers shoot barber

1958_1222_sports The Rams' season was over, so it was time to go back to work.

Back when athletes needed second jobs when not playing, The Times' Cal Whorton compiled a Rams' employment list. Jon Arnett and Dick Daugherty were headed to local financial firms. Don Burroughs and Duane Putnam would sell beer. Bill Wade went to a television station in Nashville. Even then, the quarterbacks got the TV jobs.

Ron Waller would spend time at his bowling alley in Studio City and his new liquor store. Several others were going back to school and a couple had military service.

But here's my favorite from Whorton's story: "Surprisingly only one Ram, Frank Fuller, has indicated he'll try his hand in the insurance business. Fuller also can be expected to pick up a few stray bucks on the wrestling circuit.'

A wrestling insurance salesman? I'm sold.

--Keith Thursby