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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Bachelor farmer leaves fortune to waitress, Dodger official trades son to Royals, December 18, 1968

1968_1218_hillinger Here's the Los Angeles Times in its glory days: Chuck Hillinger on the cover and a Jim Murray column in sports. And it's a perfect Hillinger story: A recluse farmer leaves most of his fortune to a former actress whom he knew fleetingly when she was a teenager working at a San Jose drive-in.

"For the life of me, I cannot remember the man," says Dolores Moran, who appeared in "To Have and Have Not."

At left, Jim Murray writes about the passing of boxer Jess Willard, "The Great White Hope," shown above in his 1919 fight with Jack Dempsey.

Al Campanis traded his own kid.

The Dodgers' general manager sent Jim Campanis, then a 24-year-old catcher, to Kansas City for cash and the loan of a couple of minor leaguers, The Times reported. The headline said Campanis "peddled" his son, which seemed a little much for a two-paragraph story. Of course, the paper also referred to the Royals as "expansionist."

Jim Campanis played two seasons in Kansas City, then was traded to Pittsburgh in a package that brought the Royals shortstop Freddie Patek. Campanis finished his career in 1973 with six at-bats for the Pirates.

-- Keith Thursby

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Comments (3)

I'm kind of amazed you didn't feature the Barbara Mackle story - kidnapped and buried alive - huge news then.

I understand why the Barbara Mackle story isn't explained in more detail, as it has been well documented elsewhere and did not happen in the LA area. As a small kid, that story terrified me and was a source of nightmares.
On the other hand, I'd love to know more about Dolores Moran and her bequest- couldn't find much more detail on the net.

Pat: I guess you're right...I'm just used to working around 20-somethings who know nothing about history....


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