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More blacks enroll in college, Colts win over Rams, December 16, 1968

December 16, 2008 |  8:00 am

U.S. Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford tells the North and South Vietnamese to stop squabbling over seating arrangements at the Paris peace talks.



Above, a video on the Black Student Union at the University of Washington.

The Times sends education reporter William Trombley on a tour of college and university campuses to gauge the attitudes of African American students, prompted in part by protests at San Francisco State.

"It used to be you went to a white school to establish the distance between yourself and the rest of the black community. But most of us plan to go back to the community, at least for a few years, to see what we can accomplish and to spur other bright young cats on to good schools."
Robert Hall,
Harvard University senior


1968_1216_sports The 1968 Rams would not be a disappointment today.

A team that finished 10-3-1 and second in its division would be making playoff plans. This was a different era in the NFL, however, so the '68 Rams were closing shop after losing their season finale to the Baltimore Colts, 28-24.

"We played well enough to win but we made too many mistakes," Coach George Allen told The Times' Mal Florence.

Rams' kicker Bruce Gossett had a tough day. He had two field goal tries blocked and a successful kick was called back because of a Ram penalty.

--Keith Thursby