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Movie star mystery photo

Our mystery guest has nearly 50 credits on imdb.  Update: Yes, she's Jean Porter ... "she has just completed 'Abbott and Costello in Hollywood' and 'Early to Wed,' " according to the caption information on the back of the photo.

Dewey Webb is the first to guess the identity of our mystery actress. Stay tuned for more photos!
Los Angeles Times file photo
Many people have correctly guessed our star's identity: Claire Lockhart, Steven Bibb, Jeff "jjm332," jimlib1900 (calling himself "Waldo Lydecker," obviously a fan of "Laura") and Alexa Foreman. Congrats! 
Los Angeles Times file photo
Here's our mystery guest with a second mystery guest.... Update: As many people guessed, this is Jean Porter and Virginia Weidler from "The Youngest Profession."
Los Angeles Times file photo
Jean Porter, shown at left in "Till the End of Time," directed by her future husband, Edward Dmytryk, one of the Hollywood 10.
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Comments (24)

Jean Porter

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say Simone Simon.

Olga San Juan

Jane Wyman

Marcy McQuire

Jean Porter.

Musical comedy bit actress Jean Porter.

Jean Porter.

Jean Porter.

Is it Vera Ellen?

a young June Lockhart? daughter of Gene?

Frances Langford

Sonja Henie

Jean Porter

Virginia Weidler

Jean Porter and second mystery guest is Virginia Weidler.

Second mystery guest is Virginia Weidler

Jean Porter is shown with Virginia Weidler....neighbor of slain gal Georgette Bauerdorf.

I can't believe I finally recognize one of these mystery photos. It's Jean Porter, wife of blacklisted director Edward Dmytrek. I recognize her because I teach film studies and I see her every semester on a video I show to the class.

The second mystery guest is Virginia Weidler.

The gal on the right looks like Virginia Weidler, making your original guest Jean Porter.

I'm always wrong but here goes...Iris Adrian?

the second mystery guest is Virginia Weidler.

And the other, with the help of it Jean Porter?


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