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Movie mystery photo

November 7, 2008 |  7:20 am


Our Oscar-winning mystery guest has more than 150 credits on IMDb.

Yes, as nearly everyone guessed, this is Michael Curtiz.
Los Angeles Times file photo
Several people have guessed correctly: Rance Ryan, Rotter, Richard Heft, Dewey Webb, Paul Cardinal and Alexa Foreman.

Any guesses about the mystery woman in this picture? A few people (Zapgun, LC) figured out that this is Curtiz's estranged wife Bess Meredyth. According to the caption information on this April 1937 photo, there were rumors that they were reconciling. Meredyth had gotten a leave of absence from 20th Century Fox to do research in Mexico.
Los Angeles Times file photo
And another picture of our mystery guest. Herb Nichols has also correctly identified him.
Los Angeles Times file photo
And another picture of our mystery guest, having a busy day at the office. Notice the size of the three-strip Technicolor camera in a soundproof blimp. Say, is the Earl of Essex holding a cigarette?

Los Angeles Times file photo

James Cagney and Michael Curtiz on the set of "Angels With Dirty Faces." Cagney was a pipe smoker? That's a new one on me.