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Mickey Cohen pal back from the dead, November 18, 1958

November 18, 2008 |  5:52 am


Here's an amusing little wrap-up of crime news: Mickey Cohen's pal comes back from the dead and a minor actress figures in a major trial about drunk driving. It never ceases to amaze me how much publicity celebrities were willing to endure in the old days in an attempt (often futile) to fight a drunk driving charge. The incredibly colorful Gregg Sherwood Dodge lost this case and paid a $100 fine. With luck I'll post more about her later.

Note: Since the fires began, the Daily Mirror HQ has been without dsl. I'm not in the fire zone, thankfully, but putting out the DM on an ancient laptop at Starbucks is less than ideal. Mr. Tecra 8000 is so thrilled to have an Internet connection that he's downloading a bazillion updates, slowing everything to a crawl. Until dsl is restored, posting at the DM is going to be sparse. Stay tuned. And keep the fire victims in your prayers.

Larry Harnisch