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Polish Jew shoots Nazi envoy, November 8, 1938


In Paris, Herschel Grynszpan, identified as a 17-year-old Polish Jew, shoots the third secretary of the German Embassy, Ernst von Rath


Nora Ford and Joe Yule, Mickey Rooney's father, are at the Follies.
The day after Von Rath was shot, Adolf Hitler delivered a speech marking the 15th anniversary of the Munich beer hall putsch in which he blamed Jews for the collapse of Germany at the end of World War I. The 1938 news accounts say the Nazis staged Kristallnacht in reprisal for the killing, although some scholars say the campaign against the Jews was already planned.

A scientist says that the earth will melt because the sun is getting warmer ... Mayor Fletcher Bowron appoints new members to the Police Commission. 

Andy Devine joins Claire Trevor
in the cast of "Stagecoach."

Coliseum crowd wasn't a record
after all, Braven Dyer says.

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