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DVD revival -- Buster Keaton's The General

November 15, 2008 |  2:13 pm



I am unfamiliar with the reviews of Katherine Lipke, a movie critic for The Times from 1922 to 1927. (She also wrote a novel published in 1932, "Rain on the Roof"). Given her tepid review of Buster Keaton's "The General," it's probably not a subject I'm going to explore too much.

To be fair, Lipke had no idea she was seeing what we now consider one of the great movies of the 20th century. Beyond that, I'll let her speak for herself.

But let it be noted that "The General" is being released by Kino International in a two-disc DVD edition. The DVD offers a choice of three soundtracks: One by Carl Davis that I would expect to be pretty good; one by prominent movie organist Robert Israel; and another by Lee Erwin. It lists at $29.95. You can ferret out reviews of the DVD here.