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Nazis roll into Czechoslovakia, October 4, 1938

October 4, 2008 |  5:45 am

Triumphant Hitler enters with troops into the Sudetenland

Cheering crowds greet Nazi leader, shouting, 'We thank our Fuehrer!'


Films in production: Claire Trevor is cast is "Stagecoach."

Apes throw hand grenades

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain defends his actions before the House of Commons, saying that the Munich conference had saved civilization "as we have known it."

Viciously criticized by British lawmakers, Chamberlain replies, "I have nothing to be ashamed of."

In New York, the Queen Mary arrives crammed with people fleeing Europe, including Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

And in Los Angeles, reports that the grand jury will investigate the Civil Service Commission.

Times leads in classified ads

At left, the text of Hitler's address to the Sudeten Germans.

"Never again will this land be torn away from the Reich."
--Adolf Hitler

"And so now we begin our march into the great German future and we want in this hour to thank the Almighty that he has blessed us on our path in the past and we want to ask him that in the future also he may lead our way to a bounteous Germany.

"Sieg Heil."


$30 weekly pension criticized


Critics besiege Chamberlain


Pictures from Czechoslovakia


Chicago celebrates Cubs' victory