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Movie star mystery photo

October 10, 2008 |  7:45 am

Los Angeles Times file photo

Our mystery woman is, as many people guessed, Alice White, star of the 1928 version of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."


Alice White, movie star and Old Gold smoker, Aug. 30, 1930.
Los Angeles Times file photo
Steven Bibb has guessed our mystery woman. But just to make it interesting, I'm going to defer revealing her name to give other folks a chance....  Plus, I have lots of great pictures of her and I don't want them to go to waste.

Here she is in First Nationals' 1928 film "The Mad Hour."

Update: Dewey Webb and Eve also recognized her. Congrats!
Los Angeles Times file photo

Charles Delaney and Alice White in "Broadway Babies," 1929.
Here's our mystery woman in a 1929 photo. Add Gregory D. Moore to the folks who recognized her.

Gregory, who has a 12-piece, 1930s-style dance band, writes that he's giving a salute to bandleader Russ Columbo at New York's Algonquin Hotel Oak Room on Nov. 2, 2008.
He sounds like this, in case you're wondering.
Los Angeles Times file photo

Sidney "Sy" Bartlett, Alice White and Jerry Giesler, 1933.
Add Peter Mintun to the list of people who identified our mystery woman, shown in 1933 with a couple of fellows. You may not recognize the man on the left, but most folks should know  the man on the right --although it's a fairly early picture of him.

Already recognized by Chris Morales ... and Alexa Foreman. Anyone else?

OK, everybody got the man on the right, attorney Jerry Giesler. (Pronounced "Geese-ler," I'm told).

White and Bartlett scandalized America by traveling together before they were married in 1933. (They divorced in 1937). Bartlett was one of the screenwriters on "Twelve O'Clock High."
Photograph by the Los Angeles Times
And here's our mystery woman in 1950. In case you're wondering, she's 46 years old in this picture.

Add Dennis C. Aimino to the folks who recognized our mystery guest!

In 1941, she married Columbia writer Jack Roberts, whom she divorced in 1949. This photo was taken when she was suing Roberts for failing to pay alimony.
Los Angeles Times file photo
At left, here is White in 1958 when she was hoping to make a comeback. She died in 1983. (Her date of birth is reported as Aug. 26, 1906, in The Times and Aug. 25, 1904, in imdb and California death records).

Alice White "never resorts to strategy or diplomacy," one studio executive said, according to her obituary. "She decides what she wants and fights ... wholeheartedly to attain her goal."

Los Angeles Times file photo

Alice White, 1904 - 1983