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Movie star mystery photo

Los Angeles Times file photo

Our mystery guest has more than 60 credits on imdb, including films and TV. Above, Jeffrey Lynn in "Law of the Tropics."
Los Angeles Times file photo
"Carmen" and Jim Beaver have guessed the identity of our mystery man. Here's another photo of him.

Jeffrey Lynn as Bartimeus in a 1952 episode of "Family Theatre."
Los Angeles Times file photo
Add Don Danard to the list of people who have recognized our mystery man. I think this lady's hat is just incredible. Gregory Moore has guessed our mystery star ... but not his 1939 delightful companion, Mrs. John Rogers of the Salvation Army's Christmas program. Lynn got his start as a Salvation Army Santa Claus and was going to reprise his role.   
2008_1015_mystery_pix Los Angeles Times file photo Another photo of our mystery man and his co-star from ...

Add Dewey Webb and Alexa Foreman to the people who have recognized our mystery man.

This is Lynn with Geraldine Fitzgerald in a 1939 still from "Give Me a Child" or "A Child Is Born."
Los Angeles Times file photo
Look who I found with our mystery man! Why it's the Daily Mirror's favorite leading lady ...

John Payne, Gail Russell and Jeffrey Lynn in "Captain China."
Gosh, look what I found! Yes, as everybody has guessed, it's Jeffrey Lynn.

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Comments (25)

Looks like a young Vincent Price.

It's Jeffrey Lynn.

He's not: John Hodiak, John Howard, or Reed Hadley. Who he is, is another story.

Ivan T. Sanderson?

Ronald Coleman?

I'll try again, different spelling: Ronald Colman.

It's Jeffrey Lynn.

Richard Boone of Have Gun Will travel fame?

Erroll Flynn

Errol Flynn

Patric Knowles?

John Derek

It's an illusion. The hat is actually painted on the back wall.

When are they going to bring back floral wallpaper?

Jeffrey Lynn! I'm feelin' confident now! I think that makes me 5-of-5 now (Mary Boland, Alice White and her husband, Jerry Giesler included!). Or am I wrong? Anyway, always fun to guess...

Your pal,
Gregory Moore

6 outta 6? I believe the lady in the fabulous hat is Margaret Hayes, who was more famous on television in the 1950's than she was in film.

Jeffrey Lynn!

Co-star is Geraldine Fitzgerald. Flight From Destiny?

jeffery lynn

jeffery lynn

Would that be Jeffrey Lynn along with John Payne and Gail Russell?

Is it Jeffrey Lynn?

Jeffrey Lynn?

The Mystery Man is Jeffrey Lynn; he's seen with John Payne and Gail Russell in what looks like a still from CAPTAIN CHINA. In the Biblical picture, I believe he's playing Bartimeus The Blind Man in a 1950s TV show.

Why I believe it's Jeffrey Lynn. Never really thought how much he looks like Patric Knowles. Go figure.

I never guess right, but these mystery photos are lots of fun. I hope you keep running them.


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