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Movie mystery photo

October 24, 2008 |  5:45 am


Our mystery guest has 66 credits on imdb and is an Oscar winner.  Update: This is Gregg Toland with his first wife, Helene Barclay. They later divorced and he married Virginia Thorpe in 1945.

Los Angeles Times file photo
Here's another picture of our mystery fellow.
Los Angeles Times file photo
Update: Toland poses with Loyola High School junior Bob Mathewson during Boys Week activities at the Goldwyn studios, 1948.

Congratulations to Calum McFarlane, Sam O'Neal and Alexa Foreman for identifying him. I'll wait until Friday just to give other folks a chance.
"The Best Years of Our Lives"
And here's some of his work. Many people have recognized him now. Congrats!

UCLA Special Collections has Toland's annotated script from "Best Years," but it's difficult to locate in the library's incredibly clunky online catalog.
"Citizen Kane" Yes, as everyone finally guessed, this is Gregg Toland, who died of a heart ailment at his home, 1257 Sunset Plaza Drive, in 1948 after returning from scouting locations in Sonora, Calif. He was 44.   

Note that in "Best Years" and "Citizen Kane," the music (Hugo Friedhofer/ Bernard Herrmann) and the photography tell the story, with minimal dialogue.