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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Mayor investigates honorary LAPD badges, October 28, 1938



Above, Police Chief James Davis turns over a list of more than 7,800 people who have received honorary badges from the Los Angeles Police Department. Recipients include Shirley Temple, Clark Gable, Louis B. Mayer, Joe E. Brown, King Vidor, Bela Lugosi and Leo Carrillo.

So many old-style badges like one the at left and the one in the Daily Mirror sidebar were handed out that the department replaced them with the current design and these are tightly restricted.

The old badges (usually with the rank of captain or chief) can sell for a fair amount of money, even though thousands of them were given away.

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Interesting to note that Cliford Clinton held a badge and even more interesting is that Harry Raymond (not on published list) held a Captains badge which was officially issued for "investigations". Probably the most common badge issued and still found is the Det.Lt. badge. Rank of badge depended on how much you contributed to the cause.


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