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Found on EBay -- Black Dahlia doll


Here's a disgusting little item on EBay: a more or less anatomically correct Black Dahlia doll--and yes I have cropped the photo. In theory, such objects violate EBay's policies, but the company rarely takes action on my complaints about Black Dahlia snow globes, photo books, sculpture, paintings, etc.

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Our society is getting sicker and sicker. The things that our parents and theirs thought gross or sinfull are common place. This is pretty bad I must admit.

I guess eBay people read the Los Angeles Times. Black Dahlia is no least the listing is gone.

I worked in an archives, and I was going through a photog's collection. His wife had donated the collection after his passing. He covered wartime and post-war Los Angeles. His photos were marvelous, probably Speedgraphic stuff on 4x5 negs, every assignment a newspaper photog would cover in a major city -- people, places, games, storms, car crashes. There were several black and whites I came to call the Torso File.

These were tough to see. I'm sure many never made the paper. There was some guy (I think) who was run over by a train. Looked like rumpled clothes. There were other crime scene photos of victims. And then I saw my first viewing of the Black Dahlia. And I instantly knew what I was seeing.

She was in two parts, as we all know. The POV looked from a few feet away. Her pubic area was shown. The cut on her mouth was visible.

I knew what I was seeing.


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