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Found on EBay -- A. Victor Segno, man of mystery

October 11, 2008 |  8:17 am


I am beginning to suspect that among his many other talents (seer, mentalist and author of a book about how to have beautiful hair) A. Victor Segno was a philatelist. EBay has provided yet another entry in the collection of envelopes mailed to Segno. In case you're not a regular Daily Mirror reader, you may not know that he was also a con artist. The idea was that in return for $1 a month, Segno would send out a daily "success wave," which looked something like this:


A. Victor Segno transmitting a "success wave" (artist's conception). Note the beautiful hair.

This envelope, now for sale on EBay, somehow made its way from Venezuela to Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. If only it could tell its story. But for $92, probably not to me.