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Democrats a threat to economy, Nixon says, October 2, 1958

October 2, 2008 |  6:56 am

Democrats want to raise taxes, Nixon charges.

Times reporter Ira Greenberg accompanies the vice president on an early morning stroll along Wilshire Boulevard and calls him "a swell guy."


Brigitte Bardot in "The Light Across the Street."

Eurailpass introduced

Vice President Richard M. Nixon addresses local Republicans at the Ambassador Hotel and urges them to vote the straight ticket.

"Whatever differences we have in the Republican Party are infinitesimal compared to the gulf between the basic philosophy that motivates this Republican administration with the basic philosophy that will control the economy if more Democrats are elected to Congress."

-- Vice President Richard Nixon

Yankees fan Anthony Albano watches the first game of the World Series (Braves, 4-3) from a 135-foot light pole in center field. It seems he couldn't get a ticket for the game. 

Democrats' 'rotgut thinking'


Braves take Series Game 1